Mark DerMugrditchian – Oasis Hunter 41AC

My wife and I have been sailing for over 30years and owned 6 boats from 16ft to our H41.Each boat we had purchased new from Nordica to Oday to Catalina. Our boat just before the Hunter was a Catalina 36 which we owned and sailed for 14 seasons(Great boat). I have charter  42-45 ft sailboats( many different makes) all over the US to take out clients so I have experience with different manufacturers. Also I am very particular on how the boats are built and operate. In 2010 we purchased a left over 2007 H41AC thinking our sailing days were over and would resign ourselves to having a trawler with a big mast. When we started looking the boat over I inspected every aspect of how it was built-hull, keel, mast, engine,equipment, hardware Etc. Once I saw how well the Hunter was made we agreed to buy it but once we sailed it we were surprised how well it sailed. Well really my dreamboat would be one of the top elite semi custom boats, but  we feel the Hunter we have is the best of any other boat we sailed and is best in class. The boat is a great boat for anyone but especially someone over 50 because of the fractional rig/small jib big main. There are many days we just sail with the main to be lazy and we can still point 30-35 degrees in 5 -15 kts. I have to admit years ago I would have never purchased a Hunter but now I regularly tell people how great a product/boat it is and how well made it is and nice it sails. I raced on a Saber 405 for 10 years and a J30 for 5 so I am fussy about how a boat sails and know sail trim well. So far I have influenced at least two families to purchase a Hunter and one exactly like ours. Even at a recent boat I was able to influence someone who was going to buy a Catalina or Beneteau 42 to switch to a Hunter. We have sailed our boat in some very rough seas with the boat pounding through the waves and all I keep hoping was it would stay together and it did. We love the product and would be pleased to speak with anyone concerning a Marlow Hunter sailboat.

Mark DerMugrditchian
Oasis Hunter 41AC
Sail out of Warwick RI