The 18 – Much More Than a Daysailer

Marlow Hunter 18 Sailboat

H18SpinnakerBowQtrRun2010LRThe Marlow-Hunter 18 is designed to serve a wide spectrum of sailors, from novices to salty veterans. Constructed of rugged, durable fiberglass, the Marlow-Hunter 18 opens up endless possibilities on the waters around you. The kids will learn to sail safely in the Marlow-Hunter 18 with its generous freeboard and ease of handling. Families can take daytrips in safety and comfort. Veteran sailors will appreciate the efficient hull design – below the waterline, a bow hollow and hard chine make for a slippery hull that delivers stability and performance even on light air days.
Several key features make the Marlow-Hunter 18 an ideal daysailer. A seven foot beam guarantees stability and provides a clean and clutter-free cockpit. With its large main and small jib, the rig can be sailed by beginners and provide loads of fun for the seasoned sailor. The kick-up centerboard and swing-up rudder make landing and beaching a breeze, and the canvas cuddy unsnaps for easy bow access.

The Marlow-Hunter 18 is easy to trailer, rig and launch, and will carry a crew of four. An optional spinnaker package will add even more performance. This is a fun, versatile boat for the family on the go, starting at $15,839 retail. However, by buying direct, big savings are currently available with our manufacturer’s discount. Contact us for details. So, hurry, go get on the water!


Length Overall 18’4″ 5.59 m
Waterline Length 16’6″ 5.03 m
Beam 7’2″ 2.18 m
Draft – Board Up 6″ 0.15 m
Draft – Board Down 52″ 1.32 m
Mast Height 24’6″ 7.47 m
Sail Area – Jib/Main 170 sq ft 15.79 sq m
Sail Area – Gennaker 211 sq ft 19.60 sq m
Basic Weight 836 lb 379 kg
Towing Weight 1,143 lb 518 kg
Maximum Capacity 935 lb 424 kg
CE Classification   D

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