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The Marlow-Hunter 42ss

Take a Virtual Tour of the main salon.

Excitement in Fluid Dynamics

The all new 42SS from Marlow-Hunter advances the acclaimed styling and features introduced by the 40 in 2013, the 37 in 2014 and the 31 in 2015 with its clean profile, enhanced deck access and deck operations centers.

Beyond the evolutionary and striking beauty however, the SS designation is not given without basis, as it connotes the era of American Muscle Cars denoting “Super Sport” when lumbering and obese chariots had held sway previously.

The 42 features an optional all lead performance keel and exhibits astounding righting moment in heeling tests, able to go to weather with high performance cruisers and easily outdistance the normal offerings from well known manufacturers, outpointing and at higher speeds than competitive brands. The highly developed chines add significant power to the lovely aft sections for exceptional stability. These chines and added buoyancy aft provide superb downwind control in a big breeze that will have others searching for smaller sail area or shelter.

While designed to be very fast on all points of sail, it features a functional and beautifully crafted interior to put the imports to shame on quality of materials, fit, finish and design. You will find no faux wood or pressed sawdust cabinetry intended for low cost camper interiors expected to never get wet. There are no monkey fur like wall coverings or gratuitous use of mirrors to divert the eye. There are no cheap imitations of solid surface counters, as Dupont Corian is our sole choice as standard.

This is not a stark ode to whimsical and soon obsolete “statement” to be lost in the faddish backscatter of yesterday’s fad. A Marlow-Hunter sailing yacht is a finely finished showpiece built of noble woods, protected by today’s science and technology to provide years and years of only occasional wiping of her nearly impervious fittings. The 42SS is true to that heritage in every way from Keel to Truck.

The aft cabin resembles a center cockpit model, having no vague competitor within a 4’-5’ size differential and a main salon to do justice to a 46. Just abaft the salon through convenient entries port and starboard lays the centerline queen bed flanked by lovely joinery, numerous proper storage areas duplicated port and starboard for captain and mate. Forward lies a hidden vanity and triple mirror to dress by with yet another lovely example of old world cabinetry skills revealed in her exquisite level of finish everywhere. The sheer volume of storage in fine cabinetry does not prevent ease of access to key inspection points; rather it is enhanced by properly placed openings to assure ease of maintenance. When standing in either the port or starboard entry areas headroom of over 6’ is provided despite her exceptionally low profile and windage that assists in docking, anchoring and sailing. The cabin itself is a 360 degree display of yacht craftsmanship at the highest level including ball bearing drawer slides in lieu of rust prone mobile home hardware. Opening ports allow a fresh breezes and light in abundance. There is no word for the volumes of storage, headroom, built in vanity on centerline forward and the sheer ambience, fit and finish other than opulent, yet understated as one would expect from a fine yacht.

The spacious, bright and airy toilet compartment allows private entrance from the aft cabin or salon, with a twin sink and vanity head and spacious stall shower between, providing for his and her vanities or privacy for guests and owner party. Anti-Microbial elements are molded into its mirror smooth and attractive finish to retard molds, mildew and other airborne elements. An optional fresh water flush toilet is quiet and efficient with low water usage.

A Marlow-Hunter sailing yacht contains no hidden caverns inaccessible to normal inquiry and no wood lurks behind a molded plastic or chopped fiberglass headliner to harbor a petri dish of odor producing critters. Instead the innovative Whisper Liner soft headliner adds class and a look of quality, while providing 100% access in a few minutes with a common hand tool.

The forward cabin is roughly twice the size of the deservedly popular MH40 and may be opened to view from the anchor well locker aft through the huge main salon to the entry of the large aft cabin with centerline berth. Full width hand built doors of the finest hardwoods close a finely crafted main bulkhead and, at the flick of a wrist, the staterooms become perfectly private, comfortable and luxurious places of rest and relaxation retaining the overall warm glow and ambience including a highly unusual amount of storage. In fact, personal items storage is found in unusual amounts of artistically hand built and dovetailed drawers and cabinets that encircle the commodious forward cabin with matching hanging lockers, large drawers and clever storage features. Cedar lined closets keep shore clothing fresh and perfectly dry.

Consider that like all Marlow Yacht and Marlow-Hunter products, beneath the finely finished woods and high end fabrics with modern appliances beats the heart and similar concept structure of a military jet, allowing finite engineering to provide far greater strength, stability and longevity compared to ordinary generic resin and chopper gun built boats so favored by the low cost, low value offerings that appear worn, haggard and loose in just a few seasons of normal use. Her spine is Dupont Kevlar, including a wide ring frame that encircles the entire mid-section to triangulate and cancel rigging loads, providing protection against floating objects while creating a stiff boat unequaled, unless one purchases a dedicated single purpose ocean racing boat. Kevlar is 9-10 times as strong as generic fabrics, and the hull and deck coring of NIDA CORE, invented for the aviation industry of polypropylene honeycomb, is seven times as strong in impact tests compared to the highest grades of Balsa without absorbing one drop of moisture within its lifetime, unlike Balsa which will act as a sponge over time, leading to rot, mold and delamination as is well recorded in shipyard maintenance records. In fact Marlow considers Balsa an unacceptable choice for any usage within a yacht worthy of the name based on fifty years in the marine industry experience.

Topsides, the cockpit is larger than usual and much wider than seen in yachts of this size range. Part of this spacious and practical volume is made possible by our exclusive single tacking helm module allowing the helm to follow the helmsman on a unique pivoting mechanism, while eliminating the linkage of two helms and providing the unused space for a large storage box where a snake’s nest of cabling, rods and swivels usually reside. Lines lead aft in logical patterns so that the vessel may easily be singlehanded.

For entertaining, no bumping of knees for cockpit gatherings with its width approximately 50% greater than the normal 40’ sailing yacht and crowned by simply sexy seating in a semi-circle/oval arrangement. Finally, for nonskid, we have again featured SeaDek, our decking of choice despite the extra cost. Its presentation is like fine teak yet requires no maintenance other than washing with the boat. It is by far the best anti-slip we have seen, and its temperature never changes noticeably, hot or cold. Its feeling on bare feet or shoes is like a favorite chair and, in our two years of testing in the real world, it is exceptionally durable. Lastly, it is simply beautiful and accentuates the fine craftsmanship of our new 42SS.

Last. A word on comparative costs.

This outstanding new entry into the yachting world is offered with a very generous standard equipment list including SeaDek, cockpit arch, finely crafted and immensely strong flush folding cleats and top drawer hardware bow to stern at introductory pricing of $259,998.00 FOB Factory.


Displacement – Deep
19,098 lbs
8,662 kg
Length Overall
12.57 m
Hull Length
12.19 m
Waterline Length
10.97 m
4.01 m
Draft – Shoal
1.57 m
Draft – Deep
2.03 m
Displacement – Shoal
19,700 lbs
8,935 kg
Ballast – Shoal
6,027 lbs
2,733 kg
Ballast – Deep
5,425 lbs
2,460 kg
Mast Height – From Waterline – Furling
19.27 m
Sail Area – Furling
970 sq ft
84.54 sq m
1.98 m
Fuel Capacity
50 gal
189 L
Water Capacity
90 gal
341 L
Holding Tank Capacity
40 gal
151 L
Water Heater
5 gal
19 L
Inboard Engine
45 HP
33.1 kW
CE Classification

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Brian & Judy Wagner – S/V Sweet Escape


First I want to thank you for producing a truly great boat! We own 426DS S/V Sweet Escape and just love her. We purchased the boat in April 2012, moved aboard in July and left Racine Wisconsin on August 1, 2012 – taking Sweet Escape all the way to Key West Florida and the Bahamas. This is an outstanding vessel for cruising and living aboard and contrary to popular belief in the sailing community – blue water sailing. So far we have put more than 4000 miles under her keel with no major problems. This fall we will head back out to the Bahamas and plan to take Sweet Escape all the way to the southern Caribbean on a cruise that we expect will last several years.

I have never met a Hunter owner that was unhappy with their boat but I have met a lot of owners of other brands that are quite ignorant about the capabilities, living comfort and quality of these great vessels and allowing a bunch of happy owners to be heard might be a good way to dispel some of that.

Thanks for your time and once again thanks for a great sailboat!

Brian & Judy Wagner
S/V Sweet Escape

Mark DerMugrditchian – Oasis Hunter 41AC

My wife and I have been sailing for over 30years and owned 6 boats from 16ft to our H41.Each boat we had purchased new from Nordica to Oday to Catalina. Our boat just before the Hunter was a Catalina 36 which we owned and sailed for 14 seasons(Great boat). I have charter  42-45 ft sailboats( many different makes) all over the US to take out clients so I have experience with different manufacturers. Also I am very particular on how the boats are built and operate. In 2010 we purchased a left over 2007 H41AC thinking our sailing days were over and would resign ourselves to having a trawler with a big mast. When we started looking the boat over I inspected every aspect of how it was built-hull, keel, mast, engine,equipment, hardware Etc. Once I saw how well the Hunter was made we agreed to buy it but once we sailed it we were surprised how well it sailed. Well really my dreamboat would be one of the top elite semi custom boats, but  we feel the Hunter we have is the best of any other boat we sailed and is best in class. The boat is a great boat for anyone but especially someone over 50 because of the fractional rig/small jib big main. There are many days we just sail with the main to be lazy and we can still point 30-35 degrees in 5 -15 kts. I have to admit years ago I would have never purchased a Hunter but now I regularly tell people how great a product/boat it is and how well made it is and nice it sails. I raced on a Saber 405 for 10 years and a J30 for 5 so I am fussy about how a boat sails and know sail trim well. So far I have influenced at least two families to purchase a Hunter and one exactly like ours. Even at a recent boat I was able to influence someone who was going to buy a Catalina or Beneteau 42 to switch to a Hunter. We have sailed our boat in some very rough seas with the boat pounding through the waves and all I keep hoping was it would stay together and it did. We love the product and would be pleased to speak with anyone concerning a Marlow Hunter sailboat.

Mark DerMugrditchian
Oasis Hunter 41AC
Sail out of Warwick RI

The Marlow-Hunter 47

Marlow Hunter 47

Take a Virtual Tour of the main salon.   Virtual Tour of mid section.


Length Overall
15.39 m
Hull Length
14.76 m
Waterline Length
13.61 m
4.57 m
Draft – Shoal
1.68 m
Draft – Deep
2.13 m
Displacement – Shoal
36,000 lbs
16,329 kg
Ballast – Shoal
12,500 lbs
5,670 kg
Ballast – Deep
9,093 lbs
4,125 kg
Mast Height – From Waterline – Standard
20.73 m
Mast Height – From Waterline – Furling
19.15 m
Sail Area – Standard
1277 sq ft
118.64 sq m
Sail Area – Furling
1065 sq ft
98.94 sq m
2.06 m
Fuel Capacity
150 gal
568 L
Water Capacity
194 gal
734 L
Holding Tank Capacity
52 gal
197 L
Water Heater
11 gal
42 L
Inboard Engine
80 HP
58.84 kW
CE Classification

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Robert Spencer – Marlow-Hunter 40

Robert Spencer owner of Pegasus 2015 Marlow-Hunter 40 hull # 127

June, 5, 2015

My wife and I took delivery of our new 2015 Marlow-Hunter in Early December 2014.

Prior to purchasing we looked at a number of new boat builders but really liked the Marlow-Hunter. The sales team was knowledgeable and it was easy to discuss options on the build. Plus we worked with Sailing Florida in St. Petersburg as our broker, Captain Dave Amman.

My wife and I visited the Florida, Alachua facility 3 times and were impressed with the new production of the 40.

The new David Marlow/Glenn Henderson designed hull was very spacious and we liked the fact that the boat has no balsa wood and is hand-laid, rolled fiberglass hull with kevlar reinforced from bow to stern.

The attention to detail that Marlow-Hunter has put into the design and build on this 40 swayed our decision to buy! Everything is quality from the folding cleats topside to the impressive wood cabinets and real hardwood floors, plus double helm with Lewmar manba steering, the new sail-drive to the large folding stern/dive platform is very all very functional.

We selected many options including the Selden self furling main and jib/Genoa. The cockpit is very spacious and can easily sit 8 people. We also selected the extended Dodger and Bimini which is great for Florida sailing and offers lots of shade!

We also ordered the upgraded 54 Yanmar and at 2,000 RPM pushes the boat along at 7 knots SOG! Impressive for a 20,000 lb. boat!

We selected the configuration that offered a forward v-berth cabin with head (recommend the electric heads with freshwater fill) avoids smelly odors from salt water and pumping!

The shower(s) are very spacious and the we chose the single rear stateroom with its own head and shower. That extra space for clothes is great.

The central salon also makes up into a double berth to make for comfortable accommodation for 6 people.

We also love the galley/kitchen and went with all the “bells and whistles options” – separate fridge and freezer, microwave, oven and stove. Plus double sinks.

The double air conditioning units work great although we also added three fans that help to circulate air if you don’t want the air on. There is lots of light in the cabin and multiple hatches to provide lots of fresh air if you want it.

Sailing wise the 40 is fast in light winds and is easy to sail on your own. I have four Lewmar winches two 40’s and two 45’s. I didn’t go with power winches although not a bad choice for furling the main! Once your main is out and jib/genoa are deployed it’s very easy to tack or jib on your own!

I also went with the Raymarine electronics which are all interconnected, the C95 unit (at the inside map station) and E125 as my main unit at the helms work great. I complimented the helms with twin I70 multi units, and a Raymarine autopilot which works great! Plus I added the color radar…all good options for long range sailing!

One other option I strongly recommend is the bow thruster. This is a must for tight maneuvering and docking. You’ll love it…:-)

We love sailing our boat which we named “Pegasus” in light or stronger 10-20 knot winds, she’s fast and will reach 7-8 knots and very responsive when the vang, main and jib are “tweaked” in conjunction with the multiple travelers.

The hull feels strong and well built and I have no complaints and our plan is to sail her down to the islands later when we get the chance…

We also selected the optional davits which are very well made and have put a double skinned RIB with a 6hp outboard. This is easy to deploy and we added a double 6 to 1 Harken’s to help deploy the dingy.

All in all, we love this 2015 Marlow-Hunter 40 and would recommend both the boat, Marlow-Hunter and Sailing Florida Charter of St. Petersburg to anyone!

Hope this helps other prospective buyers/owners or people who may want to charter a new Marlow-Hunter 40 from the owner of “Pegasus”.

Thank you

Robert Spencer

The 31


360 Marlow-Hunter 31 Virtual Tour »

The Marlow-Hunter 31, which has a length overall of 32’4” and a beam of 11’10” will be a tough contender for any model in her size range that tries to compete with the volume below. One of her best features is the spacious cockpit that delivers a feel more like that of a larger boat. To allow maximum utility, we developed the tacking helm pedestal, where at the push of a pedal, the wheel follows the helmsman to his or her preferred steering location, centerline, port side or starboard using far less space than a twin wheel setup.

Performance will also be one of her strong features utilizing a furling main with a large sail plan and Glenn Henderson hull design plus hard chine aft below the waterline which has become a signature for Marlow-Hunter sailboats built under David Marlow.

Below, her quality fit and finish is hand crafted using real teak furniture and floors, Corian countertops, ball bearing drawer hardware and name brand appliances and equipment. The construction of the hull and deck utilizes Vinyl Ester resins and gel-coats, continuous reinforcement fibers. Kevlar and state of the art Nida-coring add structural integrity to provide added peace of mind. Discover the difference a Marlow makes at $137,912.


Length Overall 32’4″ 9.86 m
Hull Length 31’11” 9.73 m
Waterline Length 29’8″ 9.04 m
Beam 11’10” 3.61 m
Draft – Shoal 4’5″ 1.35 m
Draft – Deep 5’5″ 1.65 m
Displacement – Shoal 12,000 lb 5,443.1 kg
Displacement – Deep 11,854 lb 5,376.9 kg
Ballast – Shoal 3,525 lb 1,598.9 kg
Ballast – Deep 3,379 lb 1,532.7 kg
Mast Height – Standard 46’6 3/4″ 14.19 m
Mast Height – Furling 51’11” 15.82 m
Sail Area – Standard 581 sq ft 54 sq m
Sail Area – Furling 542 sq ft 50.4 sq m
I 35’9″ 10.9 m
J 11’3″ 3.43 m
P – Standard 36’5 1/2″ 11.11 m
P – Furling 40’11 3/4″ 12.49 m
E – Standard 13’10” 4.22 m
E – Furling 14’7″ 4.45 m
Headroom 6’3″ 1.91 m
Fuel Capacity 21 gal 79.5 l
Water Capacity 50 gal 189.3 l
Holding Tank Capacity 20 gal 75.7 l
Water Heater 5 gal 18.9 l
Inboard Engine 21 HP 15.7 kW
Inboard Engine – Optional 21 and 29 sail 21.6 kW
CE Classification A

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The 37 – Where Luxury Meets Performance


360 Marlow-Hunter 37 Virtual Tour »

The Marlow-Hunter 37 is a stunning cruiser that is larger than any of her competitors and by far the largest volume sailboat on the market under 40 feet. The updated window line gives this yacht a sleek feel, but the improvements do not end there. The Glenn Henderson hull design still reflects the bow hollow and stern reflex but the design has been improved upon with a hard hull chine featuring a wider beam carried further aft which allows for more space below as well as stability and performance on the water.

The deck features a sleek, modern profile with large side windows allowing for increased interior light. The deck hatches are flush-mount, offering an enhanced look that complements the new profile. Lengthening the cockpit has allowed the MH37 to have a cockpit that is roomier and the fold down cockpit table allows the crew to take advantage of more cockpit space. The cockpit of the MH37 also features a fold-down swim platform that extends the already lengthy cockpit another four feet when folded down while the boat is docked or at anchor. Even with the fold-down swim platform, the MH37 has a telescoping stainless steel swim ladder that can be easily accessed while the swim platform is up or down. This safety feature not only functions well, providing stable steps for re-boarding the boat, but also hides away, making for a cleaner looking stern. The transom features a large storage area designated to neatly stow away shore power cords.

Down below, the master aft cabin is roomy and features comfortable headroom and private access to the head. The interior has been enhanced with a richer look and feel. Enhancements start at the sole of the interior which features a hardwood flooring look that accentuates the true beauty of the Marlow-Hunter 37’s interior. The large galley features Corian countertops with complementing stainless steel fiddles that not only keep items from falling off the countertops in a seaway but also serve as excellent hand holds for personal stability when preparing a meal or moving about below. The main salon is breathtaking from the level of fit and finish to the sheer volume she delivers. She features a full navigation station and a salon table also doubles as an additional bunk area for 2 people when the table is lowered into the bunk position. The forward cabin is large enough that it has been mistaken for the master cabin.

Throughout the MH37 she features seriously upgraded hardware and superior features such as warm LED lighting, dovetailed drawers, ball bearing slides on cabinet drawers, superior fit and finish with real and exotic timber used with high end fabrics to create, an inviting and warm interior second to none. Its high performance hull design provides clearly superior performance on all points of sail while maintaining safe, comfortable and easy handling characteristics in inclement weather. The hardware chosen reads as a who’s who of high quality in way of Lewmar winches, Yanmar engines, Dometic climate control and superior gel coats, resins and build materials.

Marlow-Hunters “Grid Truss” hull liner combined with the Dupont Kevlar “Load Path Reinforcement strapping” provides a near perfect finish for the bilge and machinery spaces while adding enormous reserve strength and resistance to the hull structure. Providing triangulation of all forces from the Patented B&R rig design to the unique keel sump system, the Marlow Hunter cradles its captain and crew in safety with spirited sailing.

The Marlow-Hunter 37 follows the same development path, providing performance sailing with the largest and most comfortable interior available under 40 feet. Nicely equipped and ready for you to sail away at $212,731.


Length Overall
12.12 m
Hull Length
11.43 m
Waterline Length
10.87 m
3.99 m
Draft – Shoal
1.52 m
Draft – Deep
1.98 m
Displacement – Shoal
18,995 lbs
8,616 kg
Ballast – Shoal
5,727 lbs
2,598 kg
Ballast – Deep
5,125 lbs
2,325 kg
Mast Height – From Waterline – Standard
18.03 m
Mast Height – From Waterline – Furling
18.64 m
Sail Area – Standard
856 sq ft
79.53 sq m
Sail Area – Furling
764 sq ft
70.98 sq m
1.98 m
Fuel Capacity
50 gal
189 L
Water Capacity
80 gal
303 L
Holding Tank Capacity
25 gal
95 L
Water Heater
5 gal
19 L
Inboard Engine
29 HP
21.3 kW
CE Classification

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The 50

HunterQuickDockA luxurious passage maker with a versatile floor plan for total extended offshore cruising, the Marlow-Hunter 50 offers a complete range of live aboard accommodations and outstanding entertainment features. With an overall length of 49 feet 11 inches, plus a 14 feet 9 inch beam and 6 feet 9 inches of salon headroom, the Marlow-Hunter 50 is a BIG boat with impressive interior volume.

Driving the Marlow-Hunter 50’s hull is a specially engineered sail plan that achieves maximum efficiency while maintaining the Hunter trademark of single-handed sail-ability, which is a desirable feature for a boat of this size. Components aboard the Marlow-Hunter 50 include the famous mainsheet traveler arch, backstayless B & R rig, a furling mast and two headsail options: single self-tacking jib or self-tacking staysail with overlapping jib. A dual-ended mainsheet allows adjustments from both the cockpit and companionway, and all sheets and halyards end at the cockpit. The Marlow-Hunter 50AC awaits. You can set sail for $433,985.


Length Overall 49’11” 15.21 m
Hull Length 47’10” 14.58 m
Waterline Length 43’10” 13.36 m
Beam 14’9″ 4.47 m
Draft – Shoal 5’6″ 1.68 m
Draft – Deep 7’0″ 2.13 m
Displacement – Shoal 32,813 lb 14,884 kg
Displacement – Deep 29,406 lb 13,338 kg
Ballast – Shoal 12,500 lb 5,670 kg
Ballast – Deep 9,093 lb 4,125 kg
Mast Height – Standard; Conventional Tall Rig 68’6″ 20.88 m
Mast Height – Furling 63’4″ 19.30 m
Sail Area – Actual (Standard; Conventional Tall Rig) 1,277 ft sq 118.64 m sq
Sail Area – Actual (Furling w/Vertical Battens) 1,161 ft sq 107.86 m sq
Sail Area – Actual (w/Staysail Rig) 1,316 ft sq 122.26 m sq
Additional Sail Area – Furling w/Optional Tall Rig 97 ft sq 9.01 sq m
Additional Sail Area – Furling w/100% Overlapping Jib 77 ft sq 7.15 sq m
I 54’7″ 16.64 m
J 16’6″ 5.03 m
P – Standard 51’7″ 15.73 m
P – Furling 50’7″ 15.42 m
P – Tall Rig Option 55’9″ 16.99 m
E – Standard 21’10” 6.65 m
E – Furling 23’9″ 7.24 m
Headroom 6’9″ 2.06 m
Fuel Capacity – Standard 150 gal 568 L
Fuel Capacity – Optional 222 gal 840 L
Water Capacity – Standard 200 gal 757 L
Holding Tank Capacity 52 gal 197 L
Water Heater 11 gal 42 L
Auxiliary Power (Yanmar) – Standard 75 HP 56 kW
Auxiliary Power (Yanmar) – Optional 110 HP 82 kW
CE Classification A/13

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