Brian & Judy Wagner – S/V Sweet Escape


First I want to thank you for producing a truly great boat! We own 426DS S/V Sweet Escape and just love her. We purchased the boat in April 2012, moved aboard in July and left Racine Wisconsin on August 1, 2012 – taking Sweet Escape all the way to Key West Florida and the Bahamas. This is an outstanding vessel for cruising and living aboard and contrary to popular belief in the sailing community – blue water sailing. So far we have put more than 4000 miles under her keel with no major problems. This fall we will head back out to the Bahamas and plan to take Sweet Escape all the way to the southern Caribbean on a cruise that we expect will last several years.

I have never met a Hunter owner that was unhappy with their boat but I have met a lot of owners of other brands that are quite ignorant about the capabilities, living comfort and quality of these great vessels and allowing a bunch of happy owners to be heard might be a good way to dispel some of that.

Thanks for your time and once again thanks for a great sailboat!

Brian & Judy Wagner
S/V Sweet Escape